The Mighty Mighty PEN

Posted: November 29, 2012 in campaigns, Strategies and Projects
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Thank you Sumerians and Assyrians.  Your cuneiform writing in 3,000 BCE on clay boards started it all.  Thank you Egyptians for your ingenious idea to write hieroglyphics on papyrus.  Also more recently thanks, to the man! Johann Gutenberg who’s first books we know so well today, when he published the Bible using his invention, the movable-type printing press.  The pen is certainly a mighty weapon…and it does not kill as many people either.

The weapon of mass instruction…or as peacebuilders like to call this PEACEFARE…adding resources to peace to bankrupt war.  I really love this!

Picture Source: Artist Raul Lemesoff

Here’s more about the picture and artist:  BOOK TANKS


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